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Thank you r3vive centres, I am so grateful. I had been suffering from neck pain and headaches for over 10 years. I tried everything to get relief: pills, massage, chiropractic, physio, TCM and even considered surgery. All failed. Luckily I found r3vive. The experience and results were amazing. I recommend everyone to try their treatment, it’s awesome. Thanks r3vive!!!

June – Financial Advisor

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Slipped Disc / Disc Herniation

The Doctor cured me completely from my spine problem (slipped disc). I had the pain for more than 1 month before I was fortunate enough to meet the Doctor at R3vive. The Doctor is a real professional! I have told all my friends about R3vive Centres, even to those who have no pain, in case one day they may need such treatment.


Life Coach

Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

The Doctor has helped me tremendously. Not only has he relieved the pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and back, he has taught me how to take better care of myself. I used to wake up every morning with a bad stiff neck and experienced stiffness in my shoulders every day after work. I now experience pain free days and have gained greater freedom of movement around my neck. The Doctors at R3vive take their time to explain what is wrong with my neck/back and what to lookout for.



Back Pain

The Doctor explained that my treatment would be a thorough multi-pronged approach that includes not just adjustments but muscle balancing as well. The Doctors at R3vive are pragmatic and flexible. The Doctors would modify treatments based on my feedback of pain and discomfort. In other words, they listen to my needs.

Mdm Tan

Sales Consultant

Neck Pain and Stiffness

I had neck problems that were progressively getting worse and more frequent. After the planned and scheduled care by the Doctor at R3vive the pain has greatly subsided and I hardly feel the discomfort now. The Doctor is very caring, warm and professional.

Siew Ling

Account Manager

Numbness / Tingling and Pinched Nerve

I am having chronic pinched nerve pain on my neck for years and upper body pain for over a year. My Doctor at R3vive helps me to ease my pain resulting in a greater quality life. The Doctor conducted a detailed analysis of my spine. I’ve seen an orthopedic doctor and a Chinese physician, none of them work and none of them are as comprehensive as the service at R3vive Centres.



Numbness / Tingling in Hands and Feet

The Doctor helped me by alleviating my neck and shoulder pain. The Doctor also helped the tingling in my hands and feet. What stands out the most about my treatments at R3vive Centres is the amount of time spent, quality of care and the post adjustment advice and recommendations.



Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Initially the Doctor relieved my lower back sciatic pain and then once pain free he has been able to bring back flexibility to my spine and recover movements in my lower back without causing further sciatic problems. He has monitored my progress and tailored the treatment to best suit my conditions. Don’t hesitate to give R3vive Centres a try.


Regional Sales Manager
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Why we’re different.

R3vive Centres is the leading expert in modern Chiropractic Therapy & Pain Management. We are the exclusive provider of NASA Chiropractic using Computerised Biosensors & Patented technology. Our specialised treatment corrects structural misalignments, body imbalances and limitations in joint mobility using safe, non-invasive techniques. We don’t use outdated Chiropractic “cracking” therapy!! We only use evidenced based NASA Chiropractic and the latest therapeutic methods which are proven to provide pain relief to the Spine and supporting joints of the body. We accomplish this using “A.I.” objective analysis to find areas of dysfunction and correct it with precise and focused Medical Motion Therapy.

Our treatment is safe, comfortable, consistent and most importantly, scientifically verified to get results. We are the most technologically advanced Chiropractors and Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore.


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