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A Chiropractic Clinic Using Space Age Technology is Now in Singapore

What’s in it for you?

An opportunity to promote the most modern Chiropractic clinic in Asia using advanced treatment techniques with Computerised Biosensors and patented NASA technology. Gone are the days of twisting, turning and cracking which just reinforces a negative mobility pattern. As we say, “DON’T BE A CRACK ADDICT”. Embrace the evolution of Natural Health and Chiropractic Care.

Why We Are Different


Evidenced based Chiropractic Treatment proven to provide PAIN RELIEF to the Spine and supporting joints of the body.


We use computerised Biosensors & patented NASA technology that analyses areas of dysfunction and corrects them with precision.


Our treatment is safe, comfortable and most importantly, SCIENTIFICALLY verified to GET RESULTS.

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Our Advantage

3-Tier Commission

The more referrals you drive through the affiliate program, the higher commission you’ll get.

Marketing Creatives

Large base of marketing materials updated weekly.

Personal Support

A dedicated personal affiliate support providing assistance in all aspects.

Ready to Use Creatives

With over hundreds of ready to use marketing materials so you can jump-start your promotions. Take a look at some of the designs that are currently available.

There is FINALLY a better way to safely and effectively eliminate PAIN. Join our tribe and share the gift of improved health and wellness with your own committed tribe.

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How much do I get for every client referral?
You get $20 for every referral that turns in to customer.
Level 1 - $20
Level 2 - $5
Level 3 - $3
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