How Does Chiropractic Work?

There are hundreds of everyday things that interfere with the optimum function of the nervous system. Poor posture, unbalanced repetitive work activities, lack of exercise, sports and work injuries, poor nutrition, environmental pollution (food, air and water) daily emotional / physical stress and the list goes on and on. Chiropractic treatment is aimed at locating and removing these interferences to your nervous system and restoring proper alignment and mobility back to your spine.

When one or more bones in the spine becomes misaligned, the spine loses its normal mobility and balance which causes irritation to the nervous system. This is what Chiropractors call a Sublaxation. The sublaxation creates a block in the communication between the brain, spinal nerves, and the body.

Some common symptoms experienced when the nervous system is irritated:

- pain - numbness, pain or tingling down the arms
- sciatica - joint pain including frozen shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain
- muscle spasm - muscular tightness and imbalance
- stiffness - headaches, migraine and dizziness
- ear infections - and an array of other symptoms
- allergies - digestive issues

Chiropractors are the only health professionals trained to detect and safely remove these types of interferences and restore your spine's proper alignment and mobility. At R3vive Centres, we bolster this with science. By using only the most modern chiropractic techniques and technologies along with our patented NASA technology, we are able to bring you the future of Chiropractic care which you can experience for $48 on your first visit as a part of our First Visit Promo.

Experience Modern Chiropractic Care.

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