Decompression - The Most AdvancedTreatment for Pain.

Biofeedback Decompression Therapy

With back and neck pain increasing at an alarming rate, largely due to our “tech” lifestyle, healthcare professionals began exploring additional treatment options. By combining science and technology, one of the world's most advanced conservative treatments for disc injuries was introduced with Decompression Therapy and available at R3vive Spine & Pain Management Centres. This is the latest advancement in Decompression research & technology.

What causes back and neck pain?

The human spine is made up of a series of bones called “Vertebrae,” connected together by ligaments, tendons and muscles. The spine is designed to protect the spinal cord which is the superhighway that carries electrical signals from the brain to the rest of the body. Each vertebra in the spine is separated by an intervertebral disc.

A little known fact is that the disc also has its own nerve supply. When the disc is damaged, due to a disc bulge or degenerated disc, the nerve root is compressed which causes neck pain, lower back pain and sciatica. Continued wear and tear from excessive weight, poor posture, excessive sitting or repetitive movements will increase the damaging effects and accelerate the degenerative process of both the disc and joint.

How to Deal with Back and Neck Pain Due to Damaged Disc?

Damaged intervertebral discs seldom heal because they remain under constant pressure even when a person is at rest. In addition, the body tries to protect the damaged disc so mobility in the area decreases even further. This decreases imbimbic motion and causes a further degeneration progression of the damaged disc and joint. It’s a domino effect in a very negative direction.

R3vive Biofeedback Decompression is a non-surgical & drug-free treatment that has been clinically shown to reduce the disabling pain associated with bulging discs, herniated discs, disc degeneration, facet syndrome and sciatica.

Biofeedback Decompression Therapy at R3vive Centres is an exclusive treatment that is evidence based to deliver safe and scientifically verified RESULTS.

How Does Biofeedback Decompression Therapy Works?

In traditional therapy, traction is used as treatment of back and neck pain. Traction is a pulling force that engages muscle activation, causing the body to resist against it. Compared to traction, decompression bypasses this muscle activation which allows therapy to be focused at the specific disc or joint selected for treatment.

At R3vive Centres, the advanced decompression therapy uses Biofeedback which utilizes Computerized Biosensors to detect resistance and apply force at a staggered sequence to the ailing disc and joint. This ensures that decompression, NOT traction, is achieved during the treatment.

Why Spinal & Disc Health Is Important?

Everything in our body is controlled by the Central Nervous System, which consists of the brain and spinal cord. The Spine and Spinal Discs ensure our Nervous System is protected and able to function the way it’s supposed to. A vital aspect of spinal health is ensuring the disc and joints receive nutrients to stay healthy. The disc relies on the transfer of fluids and nutrients from the vertebrae above and below through movement.

Our Biofeedback Decompression Therapy

If you are experiencing any of the following, you can benefit from our decompression therapy.

  • Neck Pain
  • Numbness, tingling and/or pain that travels down the arm into the hand
  • Headaches
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Hunchback
  • Low Back Pain
  • Numbness, tingling and/or pain that travels down the leg into the foot
  • Disc Degeneration
  • Joint Degeneration
  • Disc Bulge
  • Disc Herniation
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Sciatica

Our biofeedback decompression therapy is performed by Dr. Aras, the best chiropractor in Singapore, a neck and back specialist and a spinal decompression chiropractic expert.

What People Say

Back Pain

The Doctor explained that my treatment would be a thorough multi-pronged approach that includes not just adjustments but muscle balancing as well. The Doctors at R3vive are pragmatic and flexible. The Doctors would modify treatments based on my feedback of pain and discomfort. In other words, they listen to my needs.  

Mdm Tan
Sales Consultant

Slipped Disc / Disc Herniation

The Doctor cured me completely from my spine problem (slipped disc). I had the pain for more than 1 month before I was fortunate enough to meet the Doctor at R3vive. The Doctor is a real professional! I have told all my friends about R3vive Centres, even to those who have no pain, in case one day they may need such treatment.  

Life Coach

Low Back Pain

I sustained a lower back injury when incorrectly lifting a heavy object. In addition to the initial pain, I was in a significant amount of discomfort when sitting, standing and even lying down. The Doctor made a preliminary diagnosis on my first appointment and subsequently sent me to have an x-ray done for further evaluation. Upon receiving the results of the x-ray, the Doctor then clearly explained my back problem to me. The Doctor has excellent bedside manner, and was very clear in communicating the possible causes and solutions to my problem. Exercises were suggested that I could do on my own time to expedite recovery and the Doctor was sure to give me updates every session to inform me of my healing progress. The treatments were very effective; I would always leave the sessions feeling like a brand new person. I would recommend that you give it a try. One appointment is enough to make a difference!  


Back Pain and Difficulty Sleeping

I experienced acute pain in my back and nothing I did could get rid of it. I chanced upon R3vive Centres and after just two months my pain has been greatly alleviated! I used to have trouble sleeping on my back but now I sleep like a log. I have been to hospital, physiotherapy other Chiropractors etc and nothing seemed to work. The Doctor approached my problem head-on and the way they conduct the sessions with me won me over. The Doctor didn’t make empty promises but explained to me every step of the way what's going to happen and how I am faring. I like the personal touch in my chiropractic sessions. The Doctor delivered what he promised and never overpromised. The Doctor’s approach to my back problem is very pragmatic but informative (in this modern time it is always good for a patient to know what is happening). The Doctor kept me posted on my health developments.  


Back Pain and Osteoporosis

I had two falls prior to seeing the Doctor at R3vive. My physiotherapy treatment at the hospital did nothing to alleviate my pain nor did it improve my condition. I suffer from arthritis, diabetes and severe osteoporosis and thought nothing could ever help. But now I know that such thoughts are un-true. The severe pain I suffered from my falls are greatly reduced. I used to lie in bed in pain and could not sit or stand for more than 10 minutes. Today I am able to walk, stand and even do light chores which at one point was impossible. I would highly recommend R3vive Centres as the Doctor took into consideration my existing medical conditions before coming up with a care plan. My treatments with the Doctor are mild and do not aggravate my osteoporosis.  

Mdm Lee

Slipped Disc / Disc Herniation

The Doctor cured me completely from my spine problem (slipped disc). I had the pain for more than 1 month before I was fortunate enough to meet the Doctor at R3vive. The Doctor is a real professional! I have told all my friends about R3vive Centres, even to those who have no pain, in case one day they may need such treatment.  

Life Coach