What Is Chiropractic?

As a form of natural healing, chiropractic is an all natural therapy which focuses on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. It is based on the anatomical and physiological fact that the brain and spinal cord, or the Central Nervous System (CNS), controls absolutely everything in the body and it is imperative that the bones that protect it, such as the skull and spine, are all in the correct position and are working properly. Simply put, chiropractic maintains the relationship between the structure (Skeleton) and the function (the CNS).

Chiropractic puts an emphasis on the cause of potential problems, not just the symptoms that are produced or felt. It does this by removing spinal interference in order to achieve optimum health and keep the body's natural healing mechanisms, which are controlled by the CNS, firing at 100%. This maintenance of the human healing mechanism allows the body to act as a natural medicine and keep itself healthy.

Most people are surprised that Chiropractic has benefits beyond addressing pain. This is a common misconception because chiropractic is so effective as a form of pain relief. But chiropractic has benefits that extend beyond simple pain relief and into an improvement in overall health.

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